Minecraft But I Upgrade EVERYTHING - The ULTIMATE Survival World! | Part 4

ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ 14 ਅਕਤੂਬਰ 2021
Over 150 HOURS of building alone have gone into this video!
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250,000 LIKES for part 5 of the ULTIMATE Survival World! What biomes in the USW should I transform next? Comment below and share your ideas and they may get included in the next episode!⚔️

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    • Add a space area

    • You should make an underwater city like you did in the Atlantis video and maybe add smaller islands around for more biomes that might be added to the game during the making of this map. And also add custom mobs and items and maybe add A big tree off shore that has a celestial city at the top like asgard.

    • Team up with a mod developer so there can be custom items mobs blocks and bosses to make it the best survival world and to match the lore.

    • I like these keep making them no matter how long it takes please

    • is it going to be on the Minecraft on the x-box one

  • You Will make caves? (Like 1.18 caves)


  • Please,a Japanese tundra 🥺

  • You gonna make the nether version after ur done with all of the over world?

  • I have an idea for the next part make the clouds a floating city

  • Recently discover your channel, this work is amazing, u need to build Pandora, avatar world

  • there is not words to describe that.♥️🤟🏻

  • this is the 69th video he made on this channel the holy number

  • Everyone NEED part 5 now

  • when you upload the video again

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  • Minecraft totarial be like:👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • 7:49 the goat at the left: 🔀🔄🔃↕️↔️🔁🔀🔄

  • You should recreate the Hogwarts castle 🥰😂

  • Are you going to continue the underwater Kingdom? By the way I love your videos they're so impressive I can never do anything like this.

  • It's a great day to post the part 5, Trixy. Pls we're so excited ngl

  • Big fan except wish you would upload more often

  • I never noticed before but you look like jack joseph from tiktok

  • Hi trixyblox love your videos

  • Will this world have end ?

  • what’s your pc’s specs

    • Ooh I bet one of those nasa pc's

  • when will be part 5 im too excited

  • Lets gets this video to 250,000 for more videos

  • Waiting for PART-5

  • In the next huge structure(probably like a dungeon in the frozen mountains) make a maze with like spawners and mobs and traps. And the dungeon background will be that it was a jail but it got frozen and it is now cursed P.S. congrats on 2 million subs

  • 13:44 "i wonder if there are any shiny 1.17 resources" *proceeds to show mountains of amethyst* Yea i wonder

  • Yo wya

  • I love how he adds story to his builds as well. I accidentally add backstory to everything I make. In every category if I make something, it has a story.

  • Mesa

  • Please do mountain biom

  • Will it be free when u release it ? pls be free

  • Are there signs in the interbiome mines @TrixyBlox?

  • 16:47: illegal ladder

  • Fun fact: Everytime he makes a cut, a day passes. (could be wrong)

  • You kinda sound like SmallishBeans

  • Since ores aren't spawned naturally it'd be pretty cool if you could somehow spread some random ones throughout the entire world so that no matter which biome you spawn in, you can still get everything you need to play the game. Especially since the map is so huge, so not spawning near the mesa would suck if that's the only place you can get iron and such :D

  • I think it would be cool if you made an underwater city! Maybe it’s where the villagers are hiding after something horrible happened???

  • I'm pretty sure you're already planning this but there's gotta be something Japanese in here

  • How much you want for this word?

  • Will I will be able to play this map in pocket edition/bedrock edition

  • i think you should do a flooded village somewhere in the world (to add to the mystery) and maybe an Alaskan themed snow biome :) (I dont mind if you ignore my idea but i still wanted to say this)

  • Looks like the chapter 3 of Fortnite

  • I saw some new mine craft sand village it's like castle

  • im suprised he didnt use greek acrcutecture

  • You make such pro builds it’s so good👍😎😁

  • I have a question. When this build is finished, is it gonna be only for patreon subscribers or for everyone? Because i would really like to play this map. But i cant subscribe to you from patreon because i live in turkey and here 1$ is 13,70₺ so 10$ cost 130₺ here.

    • @LunlunSet Thanks for your help. :)

    • I want it play it too but I cant afford it lol

    • Yes, it will be only for patreon subs

  • When is the next video coming out

  • Is this available for bedrock

  • Me when I have no way to actually pay on paytreon :( oh well, here I go hoping someone makes a server with this map once it's finished.

  • Next biom : mesa

  • Minecraf

  • Ay yo came here from rslash on his podcast to spread a bit of love and sub! ALSO a fantastic job on this world!

  • Where can I download dis map

  • This map is perfect for RPG Fantasy style gameplay where every player have different roles to play and hours of non stop adventures, hell this might even turn into a minecraft campaign with the amount of story, side quest, and lore.

  • Trixyblox in a few years: I transformed the whole ultimate survival world in insane detail

  • make a school to the plains village

  • Hope this is playable on ps4 and ps5

  • When will you upload part 5

  • You should do stumpylonghead base

  • Will it be on bedrock or java?

  • You are literally an artist.

  • Next can you take the snow place and bild big rock

  • The Tempel looks more like budism Tempels in India or Thailand...

  • Is he even sleeping

  • Maybe you can add a underwater city in the ocean like it's an island so you know what I'm saying

  • Imagine if TrixyBlox teamed up with some big commandblock-pro. This could be huge, like a completely different game with minecraft as the engine.

  • when is the next vid coming out

  • I will sell my kidney, if that is what it takes to play this map.

  • I wish a had found this when it’s all done cause now I’m obsessed with it and I NEED more

  • You are insane

  • The scale of this project and amount of care and effort you have put in is beyond admirable. Im and Architectural Drafter who just discovered your videos and I am beyond impressed with your work. Great stuff!!

  • "As well as loads of lore".. Now this, this is the man I like

  • continue please with the mountains

  • A Little question,once this will be completed,it will be playable?

    • @RandomStuf Lem thank you and FUCK YEAH

    • Yes

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  • Idea: giant fort like prison on a mountain in the Mesa biome

  • veryyyyyyyyyyy goodddddddddddd now it think you must upgrade snowy mountain because christmas is near (jungle bell)

  • I wouldnt wonder if black plasma studios ask u to make a new Animation movie in this world

  • what about bamboo

  • It's past 250000 likes.

  • May be unreasonable because the cultivation could not be carried out under other trees

  • Ahem, are you alive?

  • I would love to see something inspired from the witcher 3 I really liked that style of architecture in the game

  • So i know your doing amazing and will be following completely but what about including a underground or underdark land, village, etc. Be a great way to add the new 1.19 update

  • If we buy this world can we play on ps4 or just pc

  • where will the player build his or her house and are you going to use commands to set the story to use in the world

  • I get this takes awhile, but where is new episode

  • I'd love to see you collab with someone who is a wizard at redstone, to fill your world with some interesting redstone contraptions.

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  • you should make a coliseum to settle beef

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  • Hey! You should make some kind of extremely dangerous late-game bulild. And with op loot of course! (Survival-friendly afterall)

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  • Snowy next

  • But the maze is useless u can ligit build over it

  • I suggest for like a mountains area maybe you could have a Chinese/Japanese/Korean type of architecture.

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