Minecraft but I join the PRO RESISTANCE

ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ 15 ਅਕਤੂਬਰ 2021
Minecraft but I join the PRO RESISTANCE.....the incredible third part to this plot-twisting journey of me escaping the pros.....will the pro resistance help me defeat the pros?.....

Mysterious Worker Voiced By: @JoofyLooby
Actors: Evbo, @SeaWattgaming

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Flight Hymn - Ross Bugden
@ShoebillStonk - Charge up effect sound


  • SO MANY TWISTS.....so many unanswered questions.....what will happen next?

  • Elvo:*turned invisible* Me: don't you know of spectator mode

  • That's not a nether portal that's a di- *to be continued*

  • I stumbled on this and now I’m really interested in it

  • Your my favorite idol

  • He gets his powers when he is in danger

  • i fell in love with this series i though it would be dumb because most of the noob to pro sucks

  • Evbo eyes are turning white i think this is anger power of explode Color of eyes of the king of undead and creepypasta named:HeroBrine

  • U make the best vids

  • What

  • do one about ë

  • Perfection

  • It's like a movie!! I love it!! ❤💙💚 keep going!!

  • i dont know why im watching this or how i got to minecraft videos but i cant stop

  • this so amazing🤩🤩

  • Finally an improvement 😩

  • I don’t like Minecraft but this is amazing


  • Mooooreeeeeeeee

  • the person that turned Evbo invis pov: *pressed t* *types “/gamemode Evbo SPECTATOR him: heheheh

  • i hate to break it to you but you just pressed f1.

  • Bruh my dude just unlocked *spectator mode*

  • Solidja boy: Man im the first person to do all type of shit

  • “Take this elytra…” **already picked up an enchanted one 2 minutes ago**

  • More!

  • The resistance never quits


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  • This is a really good series keep up the good work

  • Welldone nice and beautifull

  • Wait what master is taking ?

  • Bethesda games be like

  • This is so cool! Keep up the good work 👍

  • is it me, or do they all sound like Australian darth vader

  • Please continue please i love this soooo much😘😘😍😍😍😍😎

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  • This needs to be a Netflix show!

  • /execute as @a[name=!Evbo] at @a[name=!Evbo] summon primed_tnt /execute as @a[name=!Evbo] at @a[name=!Evbo] summon primed_tnt /execute as @a[name=!Evbo] at @a[name=!Evbo] summon primed_tnt /execute as @a[name=!Evbo] at @a[name=!Evbo] summon primed_tnt /execute as @a[name=!Evbo] at @a[name=!Evbo] summon primed_tnt /execute as @a[name=!Evbo] at @a[name=!Evbo] summon primed_tnt /execute as @a[name=!Evbo] at @a[name=!Evbo] summon primed_tnt /execute as @a[name=!Evbo] at @a[name=!Evbo] summon primed_tnt /execute as @a[name=!Evbo] at @a[name=!Evbo] summon primed_tnt /execute as @a[name=!Evbo] at @a[name=!Evbo] summon primed_tnt /execute as @a[name=!Evbo] at @a[name=!Evbo] summon primed_tnt /execute as @a[name=!Evbo] at @a[name=!Evbo] summon primed_tnt /execute as @a[name=!Evbo] at @a[name=!Evbo] summon primed_tnt /execute as @a[name=!Evbo] at @a[name=!Evbo] summon primed_tnt /execute as @a[name=!Evbo] at @a[name=!Evbo] summon primed_tnt /execute as @a[name=!Evbo] at @a[name=!Evbo] summon primed_tnt /execute as @a[name=!Evbo] at @a[name=!Evbo] summon primed_tnt /execute as @a[name=!Evbo] at @a[name=!Evbo] summon primed_tnt /execute as @a[name=!Evbo] at @a[name=!Evbo] summon primed_tnt /execute as @a[name=!Evbo] at @a[name=!Evbo] summon primed_tnt /tp @s 25 ~ 25

  • someone opped him. very cool.

  • These are like those stories you created as a kid with your my little pony toys or with “action figures” but you always ended up skipping to the good part, always cringy and you would try to hide it when your mother came in, and then a song would somehow happen that never stops and it always was using the favorite prettiest toy, don’t lie you know everything I said is true

  • If you kill all the PROS

  • Main character aura shine bright ain't it

  • i just love listening to the story while doing my hw

  • funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn video

  • How do you desepeer

  • 。・°°・(>_<)・°°・。 this is so good! 👍🏽

  • Yeah it is

  • Booty

  • This lore takes a known Minecraft cliche and turns it into a game of ideology and survival.

  • WTF Glowing White eyes FU-

  • i like your story evbo

  • bruh i want infinite episodes:( please make more! I like it! Keep it up man!!


  • The ghost transformation be like 2b2t invincibility machine lol

  • You deserve 10 million subs

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  • This is a real drama dude

  • This should be on Netflix man

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  • There is so much happening i love it!😁

  • Such good Clif hangers

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  • bro everyones asking how he turned invis for some reason... an admin just typed "/gamemode spectator Evbo"

  • Ohhh omgggg the best day of my life

  • Bro this is awesome.Keep it up I absolutely love these story lines.

  • Sand

  • Imagine if Minecraft adds splash potion of paint, wherever on the player it lands, it will make them that colour, even if you are invisible. This would be good for finding hiding players

  • I love this please make another one 😁😁😁

  • Ah, such a great series, I'm hooked! Praise the algorithm!

  • what the fuck is this

  • BIG BRAIN MOMENT Evbo fights and goes super Saiyan by super Saiyan I mean Evbo has white eyes flying around with FIRE on his head don't judge it just came out of nowhere

    • Oop I need to watch the whole thing.

  • I love the story 😍

  • Yep he is famous but he doesnt know it... Harry ppottah

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  • We need more!!!!

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  • The only main character who talks to the entire army one by one

  • Plot Twists

  • He looks like he's entering the avatar state -

  • The derp face white eye makes it even more funnier and cool 👍

  • YO! This Series is FIRE! Make More PLEASE these are GREAT

  • 3:44 yeah he's easy to recognize cause he has a different skin

  • The answer you became invisible is you passed out and became a ghost

  • Preety greaaaat

  • I love your video’s

  • I literally can’t stop him

  • Gosevbo to evbo

  • Bro this so crazy with so many plottwist

  • Can you make that full movie

  • The best anime

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  • Imagine going into spectator and becoming a legend

  • Pish

  • ;”

  • "how did you do it?" im the admin brotha

  • "You are now the BEACON OF HOPE" if you don't understand where I am going with this, when Evbo found the pro base back in the noob Era there were 10 papers, there are 2 that I want to focus on, one of them said "the Beacon", the other one said "hope" what if, it's both he had to destroy the Beacon, which he did, and he was a beacon of hope

  • Hi

  • Herobrine

  • these are so fuckin good. i cant believe it. like I just watched over an hours worth of your stuff..