Jodaa (Official Video) Jatinder Shah, Afsana Khan | Mouni Roy, Aly Goni | Maninder Kailey

Universal Music proudly brings to you legendary music composer Jatinder Shah’s latest song, ‘Jodaa’, soulfully sung by Afsana Khan & lyrics penned by Maninder Kailey. Watch Bollywood Actor - Mouni Roy and Bigg Boss 14 Fame - Aly Goni in a never seen before, breath-taking avatar. This period drama is set & shot in the grandeur of a royal palace in Jaipur & the music video treats audiences with a larger-than-life experience for the very first time. The music video's fictional story, screenplay and direction have been done by Jatinder Shah and via this song's story, we aim to celebrate women who love unconditionally, face hardships in life and still stand out to shine brighter and emerge stronger. Watch this tale of a queen who is fighting to win her love back from another woman and tell us in the comments below your favourite part of the song.

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🎧 Audio Credits

🎤 Singer - Afsana Khan
📝 Lyrics- Maninder Kailey
🎶 Music- Jatinder Shah
➟ Recoded At : Shah Ney Punj Aab Music At Bombay
➟ Mix And Master - Sameer Charegaonkar

🎬 Video Credits

➟ Produced By- Sound Camra Action
➟ Story, Sreenplay And Directed by Jatinder Shah
➟ Creative Director- Pooja Gujral
➟ Poetry- Honey Trehan
➟ DOP : Sunita Radia
➟ Choreographer : Chinni Prakash
➟ Special Thanks- Honey Trehan
➟ Sunil Kumar, Rohit Dhiman
➟ Voice Over- Pooja Gujral
➟ Guest Appearance- Deepika Sharma
➟ Line Producer- The Voyager India
➟ 1st Assistant : Rajinder Singh
➟ 2nd Assistant - Tushar
➟ Art & Coustmes Assistant- Parveen Kumaar
➟ Editor- Protim
➟ DI and Online- Future works
➟ Artists - Tushar and Munauwar
➟ Steadycam- Honey
➟ Jimmy Jib- Manish
➟ Art- Karma
➟ Vfx- Identical Brains
➟ Steadycam - Rahul

Mouni Roy Team
➟ Hair- Queensly Chettiar
➟ Make up- Mukesh Patil
➟ Stylist- Anuradha Khurana
➟ Personal assistant- Altaf Khan
➟ Managed by- Dharma Cornerstone Agency

Aly Goni Team
➟ Stylist - Victor
➟ Makeup : Rajesh
➟ Hair : Pankaj chaudhari
➟ Bts- Raj Yadav
➟ Drone- Naren Khatri
➟ Stylist Dancers- Arpita Sarkar
📝 Lyrics

Pehlay Apna Bana Kar Tum Khudh Hi Loot Gaye
Khulli Aankhon, Ke Samne Sab Sapne toot Gaye

Pehlay Khudh Phir Khudha Se Juda Kar Gaye
Pehlay Khudh Phir Khudha Se Juda Kar Gaye
Pehlay Khudh Phir Khudha Se Juda Kar Gaye

Eh Jodaa Chandi Wala Jodaa Tera Dita Jodaa
Dass Kidaan Moddan
Eh Jodaa Chandi Wala Jodaa Tera Dita Jodaa
Dass Kidaan Moddan

Sada Kita Na Lihaaz Ve Tu Thodda

Oye Aashiq Banon Waliya
O Mitti Ch Ralon Waliya
Oh Aashiq Banon Waliya Ho Mitti Ch Ralon Waliya

Eh Jodaa Chandi Wala Jodaa Tera Dita Jodaa

Jehde Ik De Nahin Oho Tik De Nahin
Sanu Ki Samjh Dein Asi Bikk De Nahin

Jehde Ik De Nahin Oho Tik De Nahin
Sanu Ki Samjh Dein Asi Bikk De Nahin

Saath Na Chodheingi Teri Badnamiyaan
Saath Na Chodheingi Teri Badnamiyaan
Saath Na Chodheingi Teri Badnamiyaan

O Tera Naam Si Mein Iko Bass Ratteya
O Tera Naam Si Mein Iko Bass Ratteya

Badnami Toh Siwa Na Kujh Khatteya

Rab Kehlon Waliyaa O Mitti Ch Ralon Waliya
Rab Kehlon Waliyaa O Mitti Ch Ralon Waliya

Eh Jodaa Chandi Wala Jodaa Tera Dita Jodaa Dass Kiddan Moddan

Kalle Din Hi Nahin Si Raataan Vi Saanjhiyaan
Galatiyaan Soch Ke Bethi Pachtoniyaan
Kalle Din Hi Nahin Si Ratan Vi Sanjhiyaan
Galatiyaan Soch Ke Bethi Pachoniyaan

Peed Hanjunaa Di Vi Hun Dil Na Sune
Peed Hanjunaa Di Vi Hun Dil Na Sune
Peed Hanjunaa Di Mera Dil Na Sune

Koka Nak Wala Wanga Te Rumaal Oye
Tera Dita Koka Wanga Te Rumaal Oye

Sutte Khooh Ch Jo Rakhe Si Sambhaal Oye

Sine Ag Lon Waliya Mitti Ch Ralon Waliya
Sine Ag Lon Waliya Mitti Ch Ralon Waliya

Eh Jodaa Chandi Wala Jodaa Tera Dita Jodaa
Dass Kidaan Moddan

Mere Mahsoom Dil Se Tum Mehram Zara Aur Dil Behla Lete
Chodd Jane Wale Gunahe Ishq Mein Mujhe Kuch Aur Kuch Aur Sazaa Detee

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  • Over dramatic, one sided, selfish, narcissistic and totally unrelatable... How do i know that... Cause i did that stupidity in past... Love is to be celebrated even if its one sided, even when unknown to the other... It gives you peace not pain within... For the love god stop promoting this whimsical side of so-called "love"... This! Right here is called attachment Love can only happen when both are powerful personalities within... Still cant say it will end up in marriage- or anything remotely close to that... No one emerge out stronger when hurt by love from any person family or friends... They get hurt and comes out with a guard on! DRAMA!!!!

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