Filmymoji || Middle Class Madhu || Ganapati Bappa Moriya || Episode 5 || Sir Vaari Paata || MCM

ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ 16 ਸਤੰਬਰ 2021
Filmymoji || Middle Class Madhu || Ganapati Bappa Moriya || Episode 5 || Sir Vaari Paata || MCM

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In this Ganpati Bappa Morya web-series episode, Middle class Madhu and Machaleni Mahesh wakes up after a frightening night as the nature comes down hard upon them. MCM realises that the person by the name Ganpati is actually Lord Ganesha himself but as the rest of his friends laughs at his conclusion he gets convinced that he is overthinking and assuming stuff. When Madhu and Mahesh gets the information that their opponent batch is auctioning Ganesha Laddoo for a high price, they wants to somehow beat their price by auctioning their Ganesha Laddoo for even higher price. Just as Ganpati walks in to their Mandapam, Madhu take him along to the sweet shop to purchase a very big Laddoo. But he only manages to get a small Laddoo for the kind of money he got. On the way back, Ganpati magically transforms into Lord Ganesha almost finishes half the Laddoo. Maadhu and Mahesh manages to auction that remaining Laddoo and as usual 1A master comes forward with his first quotation. He would be joined by 1B maths teacher, Rosy madam in matching the auction price. As Madhu and Mahesh starts fearing that their Laddoo would undersell, Sarada Subbarao increases the auction price by fewer notches. Watch the full episode to enjoy entertaining Bhajans by Middle class Madhu and Mahesh Naatu Guntala Gang and also to find out who the winner would be in the Laddoo auction.

Filmymoji :- filmymoji?...

Middle Class Madhu (Saikiran Andaluri) :- saikiranand...

Macchaleni Mahesh (Naveen Varma) :- naveen_varma_nn...

Mother (Swathi Kotu Chirra) :- chocobudsbuddy?...

Producer (Karthick Chirra) :- karthickchirra?...

Titles Music By (Naveen K Lakshman) :- naveen_k_lakshm...

Background Score By ( Arun Shankar) :- shankarscor...

Editor (Susmitha Chari) :- miss_graphical?...

Associate Editor (Aishwarya Kethineedi) :- kethineediishwa...

VFX (Nagendra Kolli) :- nagiawesome?utm...
(Sanjay) :- sansakolli?utm_...
(Ravi kumar Kolli):- iam_ravi_24...

Associate Script & Direction : (Varun Venum):- varun_venum
(Ratna Kumar Batra) :- ratnakumar_batra
(Yazi Krishna) :- yazi_krishna

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